Telavivian is an online magazine, which features fashion, music, food, art, design, architecture, graphic design and nightlife. We have gathered the most interesting people Tel Aviv has to offer and placed them all under one roof, bringing lifestyle and culture together with personal thoughts. Our focus is not to create an informative city guide, but rather to build on genuine material of the everyday Tel Aviv lifestyle.

Telavivian aims to capture the detailed features, unique character, and the colorful surroundings of Tel Aviv in order to reflect what is seen through the eyes of the individual contributor. Our team consists of prominent journalists, photographers, stylists, and artists from magazines and newspapers such as Haaretz, Time-Out, ELLE and Maariv. Our contributors include Eyal De Leeuw, Roza Sinaysky, David Pearl, Merav Ben Loulou, Francesca Kletz, Dalit Nemirovsky, Emmy Shahar, Salome Fakiel, Guy Yanai, Itay Blaish, Yael Engelhart, Goni Riskin, Nurit Koniak, Asaf Einy, Nadav Fink and Sarit Goffen.

Based in Tel Aviv and Stockholm, Telavivian was launched on August 1, 2012. This unique online magazine was founded by Anna Kopito, Eva Kopito and Anna Lindahl, whom all shared a desire to create a space exposing their interest and curiosity for Tel Aviv and its citizens. The idea was to create a platform to spread the word about the city’s creative minds. Therefore, Telavivian’s family of contributors is constantly growing, and we are always seeking new, interesting personalities and guest contributors to collaborate with us on various future projects.

Photo of Anna Kopito by Yael Sloma 

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