Founded in 2012, Telavivian began as an online magazine featuring the local art, design, fashion, music and culinary scenes. Today, Telavivian is a virtual place for you to learn more about the city, read about its people, places and projects and discover new restaurants, bars, shops and more with our City Guide.

The platform is updated daily with fresh content, has a unique blend of contributors, images, collaborations and writings. It has established a distinctive point of view and a broad international audience interested in genuine material from the everyday Tel Avivian lifestyle. Telavivian is also known for its events, parties and pop up shops. We have hosted numerous events including collaborations with David Intercontinental, Fattal Hotels, The Norman Hotel, Adidas Originals, Superga, and many local designers. Keep an eye on our Instagram for the updates on the upcoming happenings.

Enjoy Telavivian and discover why we’re so passionate about our city.

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