After Practice

by Telavivian | 28.09.17

Written by Natalia Dinsmore 


There is endless pressure today weighed on appearance, on superficial markers of worth and appeal—and clothes are often tailored to fit only these standards. This happens so increasingly, that comfort and aesthetic rarely come together, and it then becomes a matter of having to choose one over the other.

After Practice completely reinvents this idea, specifically creating a collection based on style that does not challenge ease, expression, fluidity and freedom. Dorine Tordjman, creator of After Practice, found her inspiration as a designer and a yoga practitioner, the effect is especially unique to the fashion world.

The artistic design of After Practice clothing, and the delicate choice of details, textiles and tones inspires a collection that is more than simply material. Instead, as in the practice of yoga, Tordjman is able to integrate presence, intention and movement into the fabric of her work to produce a graceful act of self-love!









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Photo credit: Michael Topyol


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