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by Alison Roberts | 29.01.17

To enter the art world today is to make a pact with uncertainty, to live without sanity, to embrace nonconformity. And yet, running counter to our irrational rationalism, we cling to the white cube as the standard, the expected.

6א.Playing, 2011
Image courtesy of ALEPH and artist Daniel Tsal

While change shapes the gallery walls, determines what’s hanging inside the gallery walls, determines who’s running the gallery walls—walls are still walls. That is, unless you are Laura Schwartz or Yaniv Eiger.

Working as international gallerists and curators, Schwartz and Eiger founded ALEPH as a contemporary art and design platform redefining the very limits of what it means to work in the international scene.

Miedo Image courtesy of ALEPH and SIXNFIVE

Established within a globalized context, the platform places focus on the artists themselves, leveraging greater mobility when approaching site-specific installations.

Representing selected Israeli and international artists, ALEPH focuses on public projects such as solo shows, while participating in events such as Paris’ Satellite Spirit Art Fair.

The platform’s innovate approach responds directly to today’s contemporary reality; it’s clear, online aesthetic presenting a stable contact address.

06_CastratedImage courtesy of ALEPH and artist Yonatan Ullman

ODYSSEUS - Woman1Image courtesy of ALEPH and artist Eliott Paquet

With nomadic-like mobility, and an artist-centric focus, ALEPH’s model provides innovation where it’s needed most. Operating with an unusually high degree of freedom, ALEPH presents the ability not only to respond to trends, but to create them.    

Arick_Shay_4Image courtesy of ALEPH and artist Shay Arick

To learn more about ALEPH projects, visit them online, or on their Facebook and Instagram pages.


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