Anna Lann

by Alison Roberts | 24.08.16

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To get a sense of what music will look like tomorrow, understand what Anna Lann is creating today. The Riga native first stepped into the Tel Aviv scene with her former band Terry Poison. Today, Lann continues to reinvent the game with each new EP released, pioneering a fresh sound and unchartered creativity.

Complimenting the recent evolution of Tel Aviv’s music scene, Lann’s work exists at the vanguard of what she refers to as the ‘full range experience.’ Creating videos as innovative as the music itself, Lann views her work holistically, placing emphasis on the completeness of her content, all the while diminishing the classical boundaries between music, dance, and the visual arts.

When asked about her unique ethos, Lann explains, “I believe that the experience of music should not be limited to the boundaries of sound alone. I cannot separate the vision I have with my creations, and I am tempted to use as many disciplines as possible.”


Having worked previously with the esteemed Batsheva Dance Company, her videos employ the human form as a platform for expressing sound. For Lann dance is “the most immediate connection of music to the human body. Dancers are my Google Translate, notes to movement.”

Drawing influence from sources such as technology and the natural sciences, Lann’s work renders the very disciplines she rejects as functionally obsolete. Expanding the musical landscape, Lann’s work redefines the limits of her own craft, leaving us to wonder what is next.

Listen to artist’s SoundCloud, or visit her on Facebook.

Images courtesy of Guy Nahum Levy.



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