Balagan Eternal Sun

by Telavivian | 19.03.17

Written by Daniela Engelberg.

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Just like springtime, Balagan’s latest collection has a feeling of freshness and white sunshine. The Eternal Sun, Spring/Summer 2017 collection keeps true to their signature style—natural and elegant with an edgy kick. The new Ringo Boots look like the kind a fair Duchess would wear in the 19th century yet are also a perfect match with a modern culotte jumpsuit. This new collection sustains throughout the year, introducing classic leather goods, such as the unique Hon Wallet.

Balagan is avoiding norms in the fashion world by working above seasonal divisions and creating timeless pieces—“these are the reasons why we want to keep wearing our favorite shoes and carrying our favorite bags for years.”

Inspired by the modernist style of Tel Aviv and Warsaw’s traditional craftsmanship, Balagan continues to captivate powerful women around the world.

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Balagan Studio, Shvil Hamifal 5, Level 1, 054.831.8619. |  Facebook | Instagram: @@balagan_studio


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