Bikont Jewelry

by Alison Roberts | 14.03.16

Founder Aleksandra (Ola) Bikont has made Bikont Jewelry into one of Tel Aviv’s most unique and coveted brands. Handmade in her Jaffa studio, Bikont uses traditional metal working processes, creating works that carry a raw and genuine aesthetic.

Drawing inspiration from sources such as the women in her life, the art world, and the nightlife scene, Bikont has created works unlike anything we’ve seen before. It’s been this unique perspective that has prompted Bikont’s international success, as the line remains refined, while also inspiring an artistic quality.

In addition to her independent creations, Bikont has recently begun working with clients to create custom bridal pieces.

Visit Aleksandra in her studio, or reach out to her: | Facebook | instagram:@olabikont



IMG_1021  OLA0012IMG_1049 OLA0051 Photo credit: Assaf Reiss
Model: Rufina Valsky


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