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by Telavivian | 08.08.17

Written by Leah Sushelsky


When you reside in a city where the temperature tops forty degrees celcius, hitting the beach is a way of life, and stylish swimwear is a necessity! Hila Orzel, head designer of BiliBlond, together with Sharon Minkovicz, have created a luxury line of swimming attire for women. The swimsuits tone and flatter the body, while staying ever-so-chic—without compromising style or quality.

These two Tel Avivian natives take full inspiration from their homeland, incorporating the ethnic mixture with urban and edgy Tel Aviv culture into their design ethos. The philosophy behind BiliBlond is to be true to oneself. Orzel and Minkovicz believe that women should feel flawless, especially when they are the most exposed, which is why their swimwear is designed to contour and complement a women’s figure.

Check out some of BiliBlond’s styles, and plan your summer 2017 swim repertoire accordingly!










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Author Leah Sushelsky currently resides in Tel Aviv and is a lover of food, fashion and scouring the world for the best iced coffee. Leah is extremely passionate about all things fitness related. Leah loves the art of storytelling and driving brands through engagement and smart conversations. Leah has over twelve years of experience in writing and public relations and holds a bachelor of arts from Tufts University in Boston, MA.

Photo credit: Keren Lachman.


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