Boaz Noy

by Telavivian | 31.03.17

Written by Daniela Engelberg

Israeli painter Boaz Noy has the ability to turn a white canvas into a masterpiece with an outstanding color palette. A sharp use of colors, space and light is echoed in his paintings through abstract landscapes and powerful portraits.

Noy is a contemporary artist with a resilient ambition to create and exhibit impressive artworks using oil in a distinctive tactile manner. The artist’s honest observation of life and reality aims to portray an emotional essence throughout his pieces.

His references vary from the greatest post-impressionist, Cézanne to his friends and colleagues within the art community.

"Adi Goldner"

“Adi Goldner”

"Bath", 2014.

“Bath”, 2014.

"Downstairs", 2017.

“Downstairs”, 2017.

""Downtown Electricity", 2016.

“Downtown Electricity”, 2016.

"Golden Solitude", 2016.

“Golden Solitude”, 2016.

"Independance", 2016.

“Independance”, 2016.

"Open Window", 2017.

“Open Window”, 2017.

"River", 2016.

“River”, 2016.

"TLV Love is Stronger Than Pride", 2016.

“TLV Love is Stronger Than Pride”, 2016.

View Boaz Noy’s solo show, “King Fisher” on view at Rosenfeld contemporary until April 1st, 2017.


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