Born From Rock

by Jessica Laub | 29.11.16

Born From Rock is a Tel Aviv based jewelry collective, created by Gili Barnea, a goldsmith and artist, and Nira Shlimovich, a designer with a background in fashion. Each piece is handcrafted, using the finest natural materials, including 14-karat gold, sterling silver, and precious gemstones. The designs are timeless and are meant to “carry symbolic power charged with the personal narrative of their wearer.”

Born From Rock’s latest collection is all about using different geometries and stylistic inspiration, ranging from Modernist sculpture, Scandinavian jewelry from the 1960s, to traditional African jewelry. The result is a timeless and international selection that incorporates elements of “the classic and the wild, the delicate and the rough, the traditional and the contemporary.”






03-bfr_by-michael-topyol_loop-ring_440-nis |  Facebook | Instagram: @bornfromrock

Photo credit: Michael Topyol


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