Born From Rock’s Second Collection

by Telavivian | 29.09.15

Born From Rock is a handcrafted jewelry collective based in Tel Aviv. BFR is driven by friendship, curiosity and appreciation for art and fashion. Each piece of jewelry and each jewelry box are carefully created by hand, with attention to detail and respect for the materials in use. BFR believes that these small artifacts have a special place in the world that is beyond a fleeting fashion trend, that they carry symbolic powers charged with the personal narrative of their wearer.

In their second collection, BFR continues exploring the same themes, widening and deepening their search. This time new materials like opal, pearls and titanium has been added, leading the aesthetic exploration.

This collection evolves around transformation and composition; combinations of elements that feed off each other and become a whole aesthetic experience, echoing the powers stored in the matter. The objects transform physically or symbolically and acquire a new mysterious meaning; the collection’s forked snake tongue which is traditionally looked upon as a sign of evil, but also of medicine, by containing the lethal poison and the healing cure.

Their latest campaign was photographed by the Tel Avivian photographer Michal Topyol.

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Born from Rock By Michael Topiol 1

Born from Rock By Michael Topiol 2

Born from Rock By Michael Topiol 3

Born from Rock By Michael Topiol 4

Born from Rock By Michael Topiol 5

Born from Rock By Michael Topiol 6


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