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by Jenna Romano | 30.11.17

Whether you’re traveling for pleasure, business or, in the case of local Tel Avivians, you’re in the mood for a ‘staycation’, The Carlton is the type of hotel that embraces the number one rule of getting away—every minute counts.

The Carlton makes an excellent first impression, greeting guests with an accommodating staff and a welcoming interior. This impression only corroborates itself as you experience the hotel’s outstanding services, and visitors will soon befriend the hotel team, who easily make you feel at home.

Carlton Lobby

Uninterrupted views start at the entrance and culminate with the picturesque rooftop pool. Embodying the balanced atmosphere that is Tel Aviv, visitors are surrounded—on one side by the white bustling cityscape, on the other, the tranquillity of the Mediterranean (do yourself a favour and make sure you catch a sunset!).

Photo by Rayna Greenberg

After you’ve settled in, get ready to indulge in all of your favourite, innocent pleasures: sip on a cocktail while sunbathing at the pool, order room service, venture out into Tel Aviv’s vibrant city life, go to the beach, get a massage, or treat yourself to a lovely dinner at either of the in-house restaurants—Lumina or Blue Sky by Meir Adoni.

Photo by Rayna Greenberg

Photo by Rayna Greenberg

Photo by Rayna Greenberg

Upon waking, zealous breakfast-goers are in for a serious treat—a small, refurbished waterfront bungalow just outside of the hotel serves as a lounge-cum-diner, imbuing a beachy air of charm—all you have to do is show up, relax and let breakfast do the rest. The coffee is served quickly and the gourmet food options pronounce that you should continue to “treat yourself!” —endless homemade baked goods, fish (herring galore!), cheeses, eggs, salads, yogurts, vegan options, dessert and more await.

Lumina Restaurant by Meir Adoni

Photo by Sarit Goffen.

Business travellers have every reason to ‘work from home’ at The Carlton—the hotel is fully equipped with professional facilities. To name a few, the lobby includes an informal ‘we work’ space, laptops are available for borrow, and in-room WiFi is a given. The Carlton’s Royal Executive Lounge is a worthy addition; a quiet space on the fourteenth floor where one can work alongside the signature views, and take a break to enjoy a light meal (served all day) and cocktail, meet with fellow business travellers or grab the daily newspaper.

Blue Sky Restaurant by Meir Adoni

Everything you want, everything you need. The only drawback to a staying at the Carlton is that like all things pleasurable—it leaves you longing for more. | Facebook | Instagram: @carltontelaviv


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