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Alba is a magical one-stop-shop for people who love to nourish themselves. The store, along with its services and creative online platforms, have become a source of daily inspiration for customers in Tel Aviv, inviting everyone in to explore a plethora unique products, services, and ideas.

Centered around wholesomeness – Alba sells goodies such as kitchen utensils for the healthy inclined, organic food, candles, crystals, esoteric books, and their very own essential oils.

Alba’s holistic philosophy is underscored by its strong relationships with clients, who come not only to shop, but also to partake in holistic workshops, tarot card readings, fruitful spiritual discussions, and various treatments provided by the caring and trained staff.

Alba is truly an invigorating gem amidst the hustle and bustle of our city.

Photos by Dor Kedmi

Bat Ami Street 6 03.766.2636 Visit website
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