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Cafe Trumpeldor

Cafe Trumpledor is the kind of modern spot where, apart from feeling satisfied by the thoughtful food and impeccable service, visitors will embrace its lovely local atmosphere, which is certainly influenced by its proximity to the sea.

Serving coffee, breakfast, and lunch from morning until the late afternoon, the quality of the dishes, along with the café’s reasonable price range is refreshing. Baristas at Cafe Trumpledor are highly trained, and it is one of the few places in town where you can find a ‘Class A’ cup of coffee.

The cafe’s food menu is made up of light dishes that are always fresh – unique salads, sandwiches, and some additional specialty items from the kitchen/bakery that are a must have for first timers: such as the homemade bagels, pastries, or hazelnut butter.

Photos by Noam Preisman

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