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Grasyani is a local café with two locations in town, on King George Street 105 and on Yehuda Halevy Street 123. The quaint but busy setting is ideal for lunch with friends, reading a delicious book along with a sandwich or pastry, or diving into work on your computer.

You cannot miss the aroma of Grasyani’s baked goods, including savory breads (spelt, wheat and rye) or sweet pastries, which are made in house. Grasyani sandwiches are very popular and suitable for anytime of day — take a breakfast sandwich to-go, sit down with a vegan sandwich on rye, or enjoy something customized — whatever you choose, fresh ingredients inside only have the signature homemade bread to compete with!

Other menu items include light salads, focaccia, desserts, local wines and of course, a good cup of coffee. Grasyani’s pre-packaged delicacies and take away services are an especially nice option for those visitors who want to take the pleasant tastes of this cafe along with them to work or to enjoy back home.

Photos by Dor Kedmi

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