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Hanoi is an authentic Asian restaurant on Lilienblum Street which serves perfectly executed Vietnamese, Malaysian, and Cantonese food. 

Everything in Hanoi is made on the spot, from the spices to the dishes themselves. The minute you step into the restaurant, it is noticeably filled with the exhilarating aroma of unique dishes from the East being freshly prepared – tradition pho, refreshing Vietnamese salads, Bahn mi, curry, dim sum and roasted Chinese meats are just some favorites on the menu.  

The finger-licking cuisine is complimented by Hanoi’s friendly atmosphere, service and colorful design. Cool and lively, Hanoi is the kind of place that is suitable for an extended chill with friends, enjoying the food, exotic cocktails, and good music. 

Providing visitors with an effortlessly enjoyable meal, Hanoi’s affordable prices make this an accessible experience that will likely be revisited, over and over again.

Make a reservation through Hanoi’s Facebook page or by phone.

Opening hours:
Sunday-Thursday 12.00-16.30 and 18.00-00.00.
Friday 12.00-17.00 and 18.00-00.00
Saturday 12.00-00.00

Lilienblum Street 18 03.533.7962 Visit website
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