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Holit Records

Holit is a local record shop run by well-known figures in the local music and entertainment world.

The store, located in the ground floor of an apartment building in the heart of the city (a few minutes walk from the Carmel Market and Jerusalem Beach), sells both new and used vinyl records at the shop, covering an abundance of genres including electronic, experimental, Indie, world, and local music. Holit also offers a selection of music books.

One can spend hours in Holit just browsing through the attractive collection of titles, drinking in-house beers or coffee, and chatting with the knowledgeable staff.

Holit also hosts a variety of in-house events – intimate musical performances, DJ sets, lectures on music, releases, and pop-up art exhibitions – which keep the neighborhood business and music world in Tel Aviv fun and interesting!

Photos by Dor Kedmi

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