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Kab Kem

Kab Kem is an unforgettable addition to the Tel Avivian food scene. The Thai restaurant’s name and culinary direction draws its inspiration from a traditional Thai meal, Kab Kem – an eclectic variety of spicy dishes which are served alongside alcohol in order to balance out the heat.

Kab Kem’s fiery food is strictly authentic, and visitors will find that its atmosphere is something entirely new. Boasting interior designed by Studio Mu, Kab Kem is furnished and decorated with pieces shipped directly from Thailand yet is inspired by modern Western tastes.

Visitors to Kab Kem will experience a truly unique meal, enhanced by a long list of wines, alcohol and signature cocktails, live music performed by trending local DJs, and an impeccably personal service by the friendliest staff.

Lincoln Street 11 03.688.9960 Visit website
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