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Hummus is typically that kind of meal that is enjoyed with an ‘eat quick and go’ mentality, but the hummus restaurant Mabsuta in Tel Aviv is more like a destination than a location. Not your typical hummus spot – Mabsuta is the kind of place where visitors will feast on the quintessential Middle Eastern dish while drinking and enjoying the company of friends for hours on end.

The restaurant offers a flavorful variety of hummus interpretations, and even gluten free options (another rarity as far as hummus joints go), pairing hummus with fresh root vegetables like kohlrabi, cucumbers, carrots and more.

The location, the menu, and the diverse crowd at Mabsuta keep the atmosphere interesting, and it is adored by almost everyone who walks in the door. Mabsuta means happy in Arabic, and if there is anything the owners want you to feel after eating their food, it is exactly that!

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