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Meira Sitton

Designed to elevate the daily rituals of bathing, dining and sleeping, Israeli designer Meira Sitton has created a collection of refined yet casual textiles for the home.

Meira’s color palettes consist of neutrals, darks and muted tones to blend into any space. The beautiful simplicity of these linens – their clean, natural look – suits every household, from the minimal, modern apartment to the traditional farmhouse. Product designs are created with durability in mind and brought to life with pure linen, a material five times stronger than cotton, hypoallergenic and fully biodegradable.

For Meira Sitton, the quality and sustainability of materials are important. Sitton believes that the elements of a home should be chosen thoughtfully in order to create an aesthetic and that we should surround ourselves with objects designed to last and contribute to our well-being. Meira sees pure linen as the fabric of the future – a durable and smart textile to mirror a conscious mindset.

Photos by Roni Cnaani

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