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Dining at the newly opened OPA is an exotic, enhancing foodie experience. The immaculately designed restaurant sits amongst an unsuspecting location, in the Levinsky Market, but once visitors step inside, it is as if one has stepping into a Nordic, vegetable paradise.

Chef Shirel Berger is a passionate chef who has proved herself time and again with a wonderfully innovative way of approaching vegan food. At OPA, her contemporary plant-based menu uses ingredients that are delivered fresh, seasonally and daily – taking each ingredient to the limit with her inspiring dishes.

OPA’s designers created an elegant atmosphere that is unique in neighbourhood – the minimalistic interior allows the food to bask in the spotlight. Built from local, natural materials the restaurant, designed by Vered Kadouri and Craft and Bloom, makes visitors feel as if they have been transported.

As Chef Berger states, the food at OPA it is to be enjoyed by the eye as much will be by the stomach. This statement is fitting, because each plate that comes out of Chef Shirel Berger’s kitchen is a work of art, treating each dish as an empty canvas. A trip to OPA is a trip to the culinary world of truly elite.

Photos by Yoav Gurin, Lior Sperandeo and Tommer Halperin

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