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Renoma is housed in a well-conserved building from the 1930s. The luxurious atmosphere of Renoma begins with its eloquent architecture, and continues with the modern vicinity that lay inside its doors.

Only steps from the beach, Renoma hotel rooms and suites are above average in size, making it an ideal and spacious choice for a lush vacation. Hotel guests additionally have the option of choosing a Renoma apartment, which provides a homey quality while still accommodating guests with the true hotel experience.

Renoma is truly a place where one can enjoy a diverse, exciting, and pampered holiday. On these premises, visitors will find two exciting culinary experiences at the tip of their hands. Throughout the day, guests can enjoy the sweet tastes of Café Trumpledor, which serves classic dishes in a cozy setting.

Come evening, a local favorite awaits — Bar 51. This sit-down cocktail bar located inside the hotel is run by acclaimed Israeli chef, Moshe Gamlieli, offering high-end drinks and distinguished cuisine all night long.

Photos by Dor Kedmi

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