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Shooshka Beauty Boutique

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Shooshka is a beauty boutique for the ladies — where one can go for all of her pampering needs – nails, waxing, makeup and fashion accessories. The experienced professionals at Shooshka are known for giving the best pedicure around,, but this is not only because the results are fantastic – the comfortable vibes at Shooshka give customers a relaxed mindset, making the indulgent process enjoyable from start to finish.

Shooshka calls itself a boutique because it is more than your average salon, every season new and practical accessories from Israeli designers are available for purchase.

Group treatments mean that you can also enjoy Shooshka with friends. Whether you are preparing for a date, a fun evening out or an elegant dance – Shooshka is a place to pamper and reimagine your already charming self.

Photos by Itay Benit

Ahad Haam Street 79 03.560.1015 Visit website
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