Design Week Jerusalem 2013-2014

by designspace | 08.01.14

The thought and development processes that are left behind on the work room floor are often even more so, interesting, than that of the finished products which pass through the publics eye. The design and development processes and the production methods remain hidden and invisible to the consumer, allowing us only to see the products in their final form. These processes contain a whole world of materials, images, and even the true messages that remain unrealized.

The Center of Design welcomes its 4th Design Week, at the Jerusalem Development Authority, offering an opportunity to peer behind the scenes of the design world and to understand the considerations driving the design process.

Design Week is based upon exhibitions, workshops, events, and meetings involving various design processes, this year taking place at Hansen House (the former “Lepers’ House”), which has been undergoing restoration and renovation towards becoming a new centre of design, media and technology.

The architectural treasure, Hansen Hospital, which is situated in one of Jerusalem’s most affluent neighbourhoods, was once an establishment to serve people suffering from Hansen’s (leprosy) while now, it stands as a museum hosting unique and special artistic events. Established in 1887 by the city’s protestant community as the jesus Hilfe Asyl ( Jesus Help Asylum), it was designed by Conrad Schick, a German missionary and self-taught architect.

Unfortunately, the snow storm arrived during the initial opening dates of the event, forcing Design Week to launch two weeks later. Although it was inconvenient, we didn’t miss it, and in addition, had the pleasure to see the snow in this beautiful city.

FoodFabLab – Curator and Initiator: Ayala Moses

The worlds of food and design have many points of interface:  Both chefs and designers are required to use creativity, originality, a sense of esthetics and to consider how the public will receive their work. In recent weeks, teams of chefs and designers have been meeting together at workshops and kitchens which became a kind of experiment and research laboratories;  there they re-examined production processes, raw materials, textures and flavors.

jerusalem 4

FoodFabLab#2 – Arayot Yam

Eran Shvartzbard – Chef (Dan Gourmet), Tal Gur – Designer,  Michal Cederbaum – Designer, Noam Dover – Designer

jerusalem 8

jerusalem 7

jerusalem 6

Designers Tal Gur and Noam Dover.

jerusalem 11

FoodFabLab#3 – Blow dough

Participants: Erez Komarovsky – Chef and Baker, ,  Omer Polak – Designer, Michal Evyatar – Designer.

jerusalem 5

Off the shelf – Curators:  Danny Hochberg, Sonia Olitesky

A collection of items from local industries is presented under one roof, where we can examine the process of development from the concept phase up to their final configuration on the shelves of the stores. The collection samples a range of products differing from one another in function, and it raises questions about design for Israeli industry.



DSC_5036Dana Ben Shalom graduated from the Bezalel Master of Industrial Design 2013 – Parting Ritual

jerusalem 2

 Left : Manipulation. Design by deception – Initiative, Curation & Design: Studio Grotesca

Right : Quarantine, Forty Days of Seclusion. Curator: Neta Gal-Azmon; Assistant curator: Hagar Bril.

jerusalem 3

Yonathan Hopp graduated from the Bezalel Master of Industrial Design – Role Model

jerusalem 1

Yael Sabab Farkash graduated from the Bezalel Master of Industrial Design- Genetics of Objects

DSC_4810Dana Ben Shalom – The Fifth Face

jerusalem 10


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