Diamonds speak louder than words

by Roza Sinaysky | 06.09.14

You know that feeling you get when you meet someone new and they are just so humble and sweet you want to hang around them to be surrounded by their good vibe? Well Hadar Nornberg is one of those people, she is soft spoken, elegant and  charming. Hadar and I met while lunching on one fine Friday afternoon thorough a mutual friend, I immediately noticed her rings and earring and was intrigued by who made them, it was her. Hadar’s jewelry are like an extension of her personality , you know “still water run deep” sort of thing, minimalistic, sharp and amazingly crafter (she is a Swiss after all) Hadar’s creations caught my attention and I just had to expand:

hadar nornberg

RS: Tell me about how you started your brand? What id your background in fashion? 
HN: Since an early age I was drawn to art and fashion. I was curious on the affect one had on the other and how beauty could reflect a personally and sense of taste. Throughout my teenage years I took external courses at the University to learn more about art, read about fashion, photography and architecture. My various studies led me to want to deepen my interest and make it professional. At the age of 21 I moved to Paris to study fashion design. As a part of the curriculum I went to Tokyo for a semester which was a remarkable experience. When I came back I started interning at Rick Owens. This led to a long term engagement and when I graduated I was offered to move to NYC and establish the RO showroom along with the American partner. I was managing the American and Canadian accounts while researching new market opportunities. This was an exceptional occasion to learn about the business side of fashion, but after 2 years in NY I felt that my heart was in design and bind to Europe, the continent where I was born. As I was integrating metals in my previous fashion work, I essentially knew that it was in fact jewelry I wish to create. I moved to Florence, Italy to learn old methods of jewlery making in a contemporary vision from great masters. I took long intense courses on how to melt gold, silver and platinum along with casting concrete and other unconventional materials. I fell in love with the process of making as much as in researching. I created my own brand in 2012 and launched it in Paris last women’s FW.

Hadar Nornberg

RS: You live and work in Paris, how does it effect your creativity?
HN: Living in Paris in itself gives great sources of inspiration but as I lay my basis and drawn to various art forms, it is due to being one of the best known places and platforms for art, design, architecture, dance, music and of course fashion….

I feed my eyes, heart and knowledge with exhibitions, galleries, art fairs, films, I visit venues from classical times to contemporary. I travel in Europe and especially appreciate going to the Venice Biannual. Generally I adore the combination of the old- classic beauty with the current curated in a smart and innovative manner. I love observing people at cafes and witnessing their natural grace. I collect all of which I see and create little notebooks of words, visuals and sketches. A design idea could also come by noticing one simple line or a reflection of light appears out of a building. It is never really one specific idea. I do have a tendency to draw geometric shapes, straight lines and play with space and light. I try going back to the source and take as many layers till I find the right balance.

Hadar Norrnberg

RS: Tell me about your creative process when you design your jewelry?
HN:  As mentioned before, I collect on a daily basis new ideas, images, words, conceptual forms and also exchange thoughts with some good friends of mine who I trust and get inspired by their own point of view. I take my time to look into everything, I focus on one shape and start playing, transforming till I reach a story of cohesive forms. I like to treat the process as a mind game, search logic reasoning that in my eyes reduces noise to minimum and ensures unity and focus. For most of my designs, I created the prototype myself but for some,  I sketch, calculate all measurements and than meet with my production responsible who makes it accurately and professionally.

Hadar Nornebrg

RS: Who would you like to see wearing your stuff?
HN: I used to think that my designs will appeal to people who mainly search for minimal, discreet designs but more and more I am surprised by the interest of diversity. I like the surprise. Women from the age of 25 to 70 are wearing my pieces so that in itself is an honor since I wish to create pieces that have no sense of time yet respect time. I always adored women who embrace elegance, mystery and refinement yet with force and character. If I had to name drop… Charlotte Rampling, Pina Bausch, Marine Vacht, Isabelle Huppert, my mother and the list could go on…

Hadar Nornber

RS: Your jewellery is so modern and delicate, tell me about your favourite inspirations for your designs.
HN: I am very much inspired by minimalism since it is a movement and not a trend or style. It is a quest to expose the essence or essentials of a subject in order to communicate what is valuable. In that sense I try to achieve lines and shapes through the use of space and light . This allows me to accentuate the beauty of a detail that is a part of the creation.

There are many artists who affected my view on design, Lucio Fontana, Donald Judd, August Rodin… architecture of Le Corbusier, Peter Zumthor, Carlo Scarpa…music of Beethoven, Bach, David Bowie and Serge Gainsbourg… films from the novella Vague and Stanely Kubrick.

Hadar Nornberg

Campaign Photos: Amit Israeli
Model: Noam Frost


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