Didi Kfir

by Telavivian | 26.02.17

Didi Kfir

Growing up on Kibbutz Ayelet Hashahar, Tel Avivian artist Didi Kfir had two ways she could spend her afternoons—steal a tractor and go pick watermelons, or paint with her mother, an art teacher. Didi usually chose the latter.

At age 20, and with no previous experience, Didi moved to Tel Aviv and became the head designer for Danon Jewelry, where she found her passion for visual arts and design. Five years later she enrolled at Shenkar college and majored in illustration.

Soon after graduation, Didi left to Berlin in search of new experiences and ways to grow as a person and an artist. Her latest project is a collaboration with a few artists for the Academy of the Hebrew Language, presenting the most recent entries to the Hebrew dictionary.


Didi’s art is interesting and compelling, as she uses varied styles and techniques masterfully to create strange scenarios. Written by Yali Barkan.

Tel-Aviv - Pinat Rechov_1

Tel-Aviv - Pinat Rechov_2

The selfish giant




Wild Pattern

Didi Kfir | Instagram: @dd_kfir


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