Diver Festival

by Telavivian | 30.08.17

Written by Natalia Dinsmore

אנדריוס מולוקס. צילום ג'וליה נברסקטי

For three consecutive weekends, The Diver Festival for contemporary dance takes place in six different venues around Tel Aviv. These few weeks of intense celebration focus on dance and the declaration of creative expression, inviting collaborations with a variety of academics, journalists, artistic organizations and others in order for dance to be recognized in a variety of ways and appearances.

This year, The Diver Festival performances are centered around the concept of Matereality, a play on the word, inviting viewers to question the body as a material in dance. The human body is the raw material and dance is the art form, the imaginative expression of that matter which we so often yearn to separate ourselves from. The Diver Festival  aims to give the experience of body as a reality, a body that can manifest many different kinds of aesthetics, but also political, social realities. What aspect of these realities? It is up to the viewer, the audience and the spectators to decide when and where the body is not simply materiality, but materiality.

מאי זרחי. צילום - אביעד אורן

brut_Simon Mayer_Sons of Sissy_Pic by Rania Moslam

מתוך המופע של לילך לבנה. צילום טל הרינג

שתיים שעשוע ורוד (יסמין גודר). צילום תמר לם

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