Doron Rabina Appointed as Chief Curator of the Tel Aviv Museum of Art

by Jessica Laub | 10.01.17

Doron Rabina has just been announced as the chief curator at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and will begin this position in the coming months. He comes to the Tel Aviv Museum after having served as the head of Midrasha College of Art at Beit Berl (2009 to 2014) and as the chief curator of Midrasha’s Tel Aviv based gallery. Suzanne Landau, who previously held the chief curator position, will continue to serve as the museum’s Director.

Photograph by Rami Maymon

Photograph by Rami Maymon

For The Tel Aviv Museum of Art, whose prominence extends far beyond the city itself, bringing in artists from abroad and operating as one of the key art institutions in Israel, it is an asset that Rabina has engaged with many communities throughout his career. This includes a deep involvement in both the Israeli and international contemporary art scenes through art, writing, and curation. His photography, paintings and installations have shown in exhibitions in Israel, as well as internationally. In 2004, he represented Israel at the 26th São Paulo Art Biennial in Brazil. His writing has been published extensively in journals and books. He has also curated shows locally in Israel, as well as abroad; including Grief Hunters in 2011 at the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia.

Even closer to home, in Tel Aviv, Rabina’s work reaches a varied audience. He established Hayarkon 19, an art, culture and education center that is situated near one of Tel Aviv’s most marginalized communities, and is particularly noteworthy for its efforts to engage and include the local community in its activities and programming. Its agenda is also unique for its commitment to working with artists, shows and events that deal with social issues.

Says Landau, “Rabina brings an innovative, fresh approach, combined with a broad perspective and deep thinking about Israeli and international art…I am also confident Doron will contribute greatly in leading his plans for the Tel Aviv Museum of Art as the central and leading modern and contemporary art institution in Israel, in addition to strengthening its standing in the international art world.” Perhaps it is this ability to work with and engage locals and internationals alike that will be important for the museum going forward, particularly in the current context of cultural boycotts and hostility toward Israel in the global contemporary art world.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art is located at Shaul Hamelech 27, Tel Aviv-Yafo.


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