Drip Dry Eyes

by Alison Roberts | 16.02.17


Ignoring traditional borders, Oren Pinhassi’s latest show Drip Dry Eyes replaces perceptual vacuums with a new architecture of logic. Abandoning accepted schisms, the show presents structures that are familiar, all the while foreign.


Strolling between the lines, Pinhassi’s works blurs distinction, allowing for the super imposing of categories. Perceptions of otherness are met with auras of exoticism, as the show outlines a new landscape of reality. Structuring a heightened awareness, Pinhassi disposes of the very categorizes we have come to live by; the projections we unconsciously expend. Under the show’s logic, no distinction is made between a chair and the human body—the object exists as both.


A strange encounter, Drip Dry Eyes plays with human assumption, speaking directly to our most primal instincts. In an effort to understand our world, our instincts often lead us to a predetermined conclusion. An alternate landscape, Drip Dry Eyes provides an uncompromised vantage point, the possibility to see something different.


Drip Dry Eyes runs through February 25th: 

Tempo Rubato Gallery
213 East 121st Street, Floor 3
New York, New York

To learn more about Oren’s work, visit him on his website. To learn more about Tempo Rubato, be sure to visit them in person and online.  


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