Enter + Hammer

by Telavivian | 27.03.17

Written by Marissa Shapiro

Enter + Hammer is both an allusion to the blend of technology and the handmade, and an invitation to literally join in the creative process of designing anything from furniture to sailboats. Nir Nave is one of the owners of The Space and established Enter + Hammer nearby to fulfill his creative aspirations.

Nir is deeply connected to the natural world—and naturally wood is his favorite material. “Wood feels very close to Mother Earth. Everything fits in a harmonious way. I like the feel and the smell, and that the material shows you how to use it if you’re at the center or the surface of the wood”, says Nave.  His favorite part of the process? The conclusion. “My single favorite moment is when the design has reached its goal and is sent into the world”.

Enter + Hammer’s designs are inspired by nature and internal reflection, producing objects with an organic and refined sensibility.


eh 1

eh 2


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Enter and Hammer, Sefer St. 17, Tel Aviv. By Appointment | Facebook | Instagram: @enter_and_hammer


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