Erga Yaari-Weitzman

by Jessica Laub | 19.01.17

Erga Yaari-Weitzman is an American born Israeli artist, whose multimedia works manipulate images to explore “the thin boundaries between concrete reality and its representations.” She has especially focused on videography for recent projects, creating installations “that utilize collage, ready-mades taken from advertising, video projections and sculpture.”

Erga Yaari-Weitzman, from the video work ‘Observation’, 2015, 8_27 min (1)

This includes Observation, Yaari-Weitzman’s upcoming solo show at Hezi Cohen Gallery. The video features “on opposite sides of a split screen, two naked bodies—of a man and a woman—are shown in a series of synchronized movements. The camera focuses on both the man and woman’s genitals in a series of close-ups that reframe the body as fragmented and estranged.” And it is the process of collaging and reconstructing that enables Yaari-Weitzman “to unveil the mystery that surrounds these organs, and re-examine them in an abstract form.”

Erga Yaari-Weitzman, from the video work ‘Observation’, 2015, 8_27 min (2)

Erga Yaari-Weitzman, from the video work ‘Observation’, 2015, 8_27 min (4)

The exhibition opening for Observation (as well as for Ron Amir’s As it Seems) is on Thursday 19.1 at 8pm. Observation will be on display until 11.2.2017, at Hezi Cohen Gallery, located at Wolfson Street 54. T: 03.639.8788; Open Monday-Thursday 10:30-19:00, Friday 10:00-14:00, Saturday 11:00-14:00. | Instagram: @ergayaari

Photo credit: Erga Yaari-Weitzman, from the video work ‘Observation,’ 2015, 8:27 min


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