Fresh Paint 9

by Telavivian | 26.03.17

Written by Marissa Shapiro

Fresh Paint is bringing their ninth annual event back, continuing their leadership as Israel’s largest and most influential art fair. The well-known event is offering a snapshot of the “current state of affairs in local art and design scenes” along with showing off how Israeli contemporary art fits into the bigger picture. This year’s fair has grown exponentially, and has invited delegations from thirteen countries to exhibit some of their artist’s work, including Norway, Greece, Turkey, Russia, Romania and Spain. The cross-cultural expansion of the event promises to open new conversations and collaborations.

Fresh Paint is also hosting a variety of salon discussions in English, offering the public a chance to engage with the individuals moving the Israeli art and design scenes forward. Fresh Paint changes its location every year, and this year will be the inaugural event for the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History on the campus of Tel Aviv University.

Efrat Hakimi

Efrat Hakimi

Roni Hajaj

Roni Hajaj

Klone, "Sharing the Blues and the Darks"

Klone, “Sharing the Blues and the Darks”

Vered Nissim

Vered Nissim

ראק אנד טאק שולחן, טכניקה מעורבת, 160X70X75 2017

צחי נבו, דב, שכבות עץ בחיתוך לייזר, 40X 40X4, 2017, נמרוד גנישר צילום

ערן ענבר, ללא כותרת, רקמת יד, 26 34, 2016

נדב כספי, כיסא אוברלאפ, למינציה עץ מלא, 2014 67X73X67 צילום איה וינד

ולריה מוניס, ה'טבח' , ציור יציקה קרמית, 30 17 2016 צילום גלעד בר- שלו

גור ענבר, פאליקה 1, קדרות, 21x16, 2016

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Art Fair Location and Hours: The Steinhardt Museum, Tel Aviv University
Tuesday March 28 5:00 – 10:00 pm, Wednesday March 29 5:00 – 10:00 pm, Thursday, March 30 5:00 – 10:00 pm, Friday March 31 10:00am – 6:00pm & Saturday April 1 10:00am – 9:00pm.


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