Garbage Girls

by Alison Roberts | 18.03.16


Originally published by VICE Canada, Maya Fuhr’s Garbage Girls opens this Saturday, March 19th at Tel Aviv’s Artemisia Gallery. Fuhr’s exhibition intimately depicts young women in the private spheres of their homes, existing in the midst of their mess.

Upon first sight the images are unpalatable; young women surround by a slew of filth. Fuhr’s images challenge us to rethink our expectations of women, their roles in society, and the shock that many experience when they see young women choosing to live in domestic mayhem. The series’ brilliance lies in it’s ability to challenge the viewer’s expectations regarding women’s cleaning habits.



The message Fuhr leaves us with is a powerful one. The images offer an alternative narrative, affirming the subject’s ability to exist privately (and publicly) on their own terms. For the event, Artemisia’s upstairs room will be transformed. Filled with the objects we have been taught to wash, sort, or hide, the exhibition aims to connect beauty with chaos.

Opening Saturday, March 19th at 18:30.
Artemisia Gallery, Abarbanel Street 31, Tel Aviv, 054-607-0803. |

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