Gertrud Lingerie

by Elinor Lazar | 08.05.16

קומבינזון ונסה תחרה

As an homage to women all over the world, the womens-wear label Gertrud, launched their new lingerie collection on International Women’s Day. Concentrating on lingerie, because it is the most intimate part of clothing; they focused on influencing women’s composure with the articles that are closest to their bodies.

בגד גוף אוליביה_2

The collection is categorized into two main groups. The first contains practical underwear that is made of really thin material and feels like a ‘second skin’,  complimenting the body.  This flattering lingerie allows clothing to float over it. The second part of the collection includes lace – in the usual romantic and magical style of Gertrud – that is timeless and upgrades every appearance. The whole collection is available in the classy colours nude, black and white.

חזיית אלכס_2

חזיית פרנסין חצי קומבינזון לולו

חזיית סופיה תחתוני הדסון

בוסטייה איזבלה תחתוני הדסון_2 | Facebook

Image courtesy by Roni Cnaani.


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