Get Rolling with Shi-Shi

by Joy Bernard | 28.11.16

You’re sitting in the office and listening to the ticking of the clock, marking down the minutes until the much-awaited lunch break. Or maybe you have a date tonight and want to try out something fresh yet filling. And perhaps you’re just having your run-of-the-mill sushi craving.

Shi Shi is just the right fix for you! Shi-Shi is a new and exciting Asian eatery located in the heart of Tel Aviv’s bustling Ibn Gavirol Street. This refreshing Tel Avivian spot is the place to go if you’d like to reward yourself with a special and affordable treat. Shi-Shi is all about them rolls, offering its satisfied customers with a variety of enlarged sushi rolls that look like a combination of a spring roll and a sushi dish and taste just like a refreshing culinary surprise should.


All the rolls are rice-based and come with a large variation of fillings and sauces: spicy Tuna, fresh Salmon, mouth-watering Cod and crispy tofu or chicken—and these are only some of the colorful and delicious options.

Shi-Shi also offer noodle dishes that are surprisingly large and rich in flavor; and for those with a big appetite, there are unique desserts to finish off an atypical Asian meal.





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Shi-Shi, Ibn Gavirol St. 33.  (03) 5753737. | Facebook  | Instagram: @shishitlv


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Shi Shi

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Shi Shi

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