by Lotte Beilin | 14.07.17

Nathan J. Minsberg, a determined director, producer, screenwriter and editor is back from the Berlin-Brandenburg Jewish Film Festival with all guns blazing, ready to premiere his latest creation, Ginette, here in Tel Aviv.

The film follows Ginette, a 90-year-old Tunisian Jewish woman, mother and grandmother, residing in Marseille. Through intimate diary readings and unscripted anecdotes, we are transported to her early years in Tunis’ Jewish neighbourhood—the war years, where her family hid from the Nazis in a cemetery and her brother’s time in a forced labour camp until the American liberation in 1944.


In the post war years, we hear of a woman full of life and in love with the man she would be married to for over sixty years. However, the arrival of President Bourguiba and the Islamic  decolonization sees the family immigrate to France and begin a new life. Her experience with the Jewish Women’s Association, to her children’s reconstructed families or her reflections on today’s modern world, presents a passionate performance by a Sephardic matriarch.


Ginette was chosen as part of the Official Selection in competition at the Berlin-Brandenburg Jewish Film Festival, highlighted in the Young Jewish Talent category, and too in the Official Selection at the Stockholm Independent Film Festival.


Minsberg shot the film totally independently, with no funding, taking on the roles of writer, director, producer, cameraman, set designer and editor, with the sole desire to document, archive and bring to life his grandmother Ginette’s story, one which would have otherwise perished into the abyss of history.

Nathan J. Minsberg and sister Julia Minsberg at the World Premiere of Ginette at the Berlin Brandenburg Jewish Film Festival 2017.

Nathan J. Minsberg and sister Julia Minsberg at the World Premiere of Ginette at the Berlin Brandenburg Jewish Film Festival 2017.

What’s next for Minsberg? He is writing 2 different screenplays for 2 large film projects soon to be revealed. Keep an eye on Nathan J. Minsberg as he climbs the craters of creativity.

Ginette will be screened Saturday 15th July 2017, 21:15 at the Little Prince Bookshop and Cafe in Tel Aviv in their beautiful outdoor open courtyard.

IMDb | Facebook | Ginette Trailer  | Instagram: @nate_mins


Year: 2017
Genre: Documentary
Language: French + English Subs
Production Company: Company m
Director: Nathan J. Minsberg
Producer: Nathan J. Minsberg
Co Producers: Pia Minsberg & Marc Minsberg
Editor: Nathan J. Minsberg
Written by: Ginette Yana and Nathan J. Minsberg


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