Ginlee Studio

by Elinor Lazar | 12.04.16

Founded in 2011 in Israel with the overall mission of “Making Fashion Matter”, Ginlee Studio concentrates on its wearers; and on quality rather than trending  towards mass production and “fast fashion”. The creator, Singaporean designer Gin Lee, follows a philosophy of timeless designs – pieces that will be with the wearer not only for one season but for a lifetime.

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Clean and comfortable designs are connected with elegant, modern styles, establishing sophisticated fashion for woman regardless of their age or figure. Within the small details and aesthetics, one can see the journey of Gin, who in the past 15 years traveled and lived in Singapore, London, Shanghai and Israel.

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Her new spring/ summer collection is inspired by a traditional patterning technique called “Ikat”. Connecting tradition and modernity, using special embroidery, pastel colors and materials like sand washed silk, Ginlee Studio is ready to start the summer!

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