Going Back to Our Roots

by Telavivian | 18.02.19

It’s no secret that we are thrilled to occasionally buy gifts for ourselves and our loved ones. But we are aiming to be more mindful of our shopping choices, choosing Tel Avivian designs that tell a story of its creator, and, along with it, of the the city we live in. In this way, the objects we purchase will be more precious and cherished for a longer time. Here are some products made in Tel Aviv we have our eyes on.

Tel Avivian products_
Scarves by No-No
Jewelry by TheyDream
Bathing suits by Esprit De Vacanes
Balloons by Sivan Sternbach
Shelf and sevivon in wood by Nadav Caspi
Underwear by Anjaly
Stationaries by KaRiniTi
Tops by Magpie Goose

Photos by Shai Franco
Styling by Anna Kopito
Art direction by Liri Argov


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