Hadassa Goldvicht

by Telavivian | 04.07.17

Written by Stephanie Midyan

Hadassa Goldvicht is an Israeli artist whose work dissects the human form by simultaneously celebrating and transcending socialized aspects such as language, culture and religion. In doing so, she showcases beauty in diversity while highlighting our underlying commonalities. Of particular interest are her pieces Lullaby (a 51 minute video in collaboration with Anat Vovnoboy, featuring the staff of the Israel Museum in Jerusalem singing lullabies in their native languages) and Jonah (a phenomenal video of Hadassa and her family living inside a massive sculpture of the biblical whale).

Jonah was inspired by Goldvicht’s first pregnancy when she dreamt that she was “Jonah sitting within a big whale…the premise of Jonah is this—what if the biblical figure of Jonah would have never left the whale, but stayed there forever, contained, even raising a family there. What if life was contained and protected, as if still within the womb. It suddenly became clear to me that I am the artist within the whale and that I will build a huge whale and live inside it, to speak about life and parenthood and art and the messy way these two things meet sometimes”. Goldvicht’s current focus is The House of Life—a piece showcasing in Venice and New York that explores Venice’s Jewish community and conversations that “evoked deep emotional responses that spoke to the city’s struggle”.

The House of Life- Goldvicht, 2017

Installation view from The House of Life, 2013-2017.

Goldvicht Jonah IM

Jonah, 2012-2015, video installation.

Honey, 2016/2017 Hadassa Goldvicht Installation Detail, No Place Like Home Photo credit: Eli Posner for the Israel Museum.

Honey, 2016/2017, Installation Detail, No Place Like Home. Photo credit: Eli Posner for the Israel Museum. | Instagram: @hadassagoldvicht


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