Hilla Shamia

by Telavivian | 22.01.17

by Sharon Brand

Casting tree trunks to form furniture, combining nature with modern designs—this can be tricky. How can an old wood piece become a  part of a modern, silver metallic chair?
28. Cypress short console Wood Casting Hilla Shamia-min

If you’re looking to decorate your apartment—especially with these styles in mind—look no further than Hilla Shamia’s studio, located in the center of Tel Aviv.



The designer knows the best of both worlds. Although she usually works with benches and chairs, Hilla’s newets designs continue to add to the designer’s diverse and unique collection. Plates that are styled with an 80’s vibe; full of colors and different sizes, will make for a stylish dinner, and pieces like Shamia’s one of a kind wooden pendulum clock—made from circles, lines and wood to create chicest, minimal and modern design— mimic antique styles. No matter your preference, Hilla’s work will fit into your sweet, sweet home.

EI0B0406 |  972-54-421-5171 |

Author Sharon Brand is studying communications at IDC and has her own travel blog, Brand Travels.


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