Hotel Nordoy

by Daniela Engelberg | 30.06.17

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Hotel Nordoy is a destination, a local icon and a cultural gem located in the heart of Tel Aviv. Operating since 1925, it is the oldest active hotel in the city and unlike any other, its original landmark has preserved its character and its charm, allowing guests to immerse into the city’s true essence.  

The building is located in Nahalat Binyamin, which architect Yehuda Megidovich created when Tel Aviv was still known as Ahuzat Bayit, bringing an aesthetic harmony to the city—passionate like the east and refined like the west. The interiors are wonderfully dressed with European elegance and Arabesque ornamentations. Among them are lively artworks, modern furnishings, classic fabrics and floor-to-ceiling arched windows that overlook the city’s excitement.

Despite its central location, the hotel is surprisingly serene, spacious and sophisticated. To top it off, there is a quiet rooftop where you can enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of wine with a stunning view of the city that is right beneath you. 

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אסף פינצ'וק 15 | Facebook | Instagram: @hotelnordoy

Photo credit: Assaf Pinchuk


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