“I Do” by Roni Bar

by Telavivian | 09.04.17

Written by Lisa Geismar 

Tel Avivian designer Roni Bar is back with her “I Do” Summer 2017 collection—the antithesis of everything we’ve come to know about wedding wear. In a country where brides flock to internationally recognized designers to secure dresses for their special day, “I Do” forces shoppers to reconsider the meaning of marriage regarding fashion standards.

The collection was designed around a few central questions: Is the lexicon of wedding attire as rigid as we believe it to be? Is it necessary to wear a one-time only, ‘disposable’ outfit? Are weddings supposed to symbolize superfluity? These queries are rooted in Bar’s overarching quandary about how the ceremonial answer and agreement of “I do” doesn’t align with the fact that wedding attire typically collects dust in storage for years on end.

The men’s and women’s pieces represent continuity and flexibility, created not to stand out but to earn a permanent place in the wearers’ wardrobes. They are made with effortless knitwear and cotton fabrics and most notably, feature one-of-a-kind details hand-painted by local artist, Roni Hajaj. Characterized by thoughtful simplicity, inclusivity and handmade craftsmanship, we can’t think of a better way to honour the sanctity of unions.












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Photo 8.1.2017, 10 53 32

Photo 8.1.2017, 12 00 52 | Facebook | Instagram: @_ronibar

Photo Credit: Roni Bar



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