Illustration Week 2017

by Telavivian | 21.11.17

Written by Manuela Shimberg

The fourth annual Tel Aviv-Jaffa Illustration Week invites you to take a look at 60 exciting exhibitions hosted by well known and aspiring new artists. Don’t be surprised when you suddenly stumble upon illustrations displayed in the streets of the old city in Jaffo—Illustration week is designed to take you all around the city—from the Tel Aviv city centre to the charming south of Jaffa. Combine your Tel Aviv day stroll with a cup of iced coffee and a fresh tour of the finest illustrations in town. 

For visitors who have never been to the Old Port in Jaffa; make sure to take a closer look at Mezizim where a collaboration between curator Gil Royter, Ehud Paz & Xnet takes you into Israel’s finest designed living rooms mixed with illustrations showcasing the families daily scenarios. 

Photo by Manuela Shimberg

Photo by Manuela Shimberg

Photo by Manuela Shimberg

Photo by Manuela Shimberg

Photo by Manuela Shimberg

Photo by Manuela Shimberg

Illustration week is on view until November 25th, 2017.

About the Author: Manuela is a Blogger at night and a Hi-Tech-er during the day. Originally from Berlin, Manuella moved to Tel Aviv three years ago, where she discovered her love for photography, urban street art, and writing. Documenting her life and thoughts of living in Tel Aviv in her blog, and Instagram page.


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