Inbar Harari

by Telavivian | 09.01.18

Written by Manuela Shimberg

Israeli born Inbar Harari is a bag & accessories designer whose pieces are handmade with the highest standard of craftsmanship and quality of leather.

“My goal is to design functional pieces such as tote bags for day-to-day use, or smaller cross body bags for the evening – all accessories are made in Spain” says the designer, a Shenkar graduate who is currently living and working in Barcelona.

Thus, Harari gets inspiration from both Barcelona and Tel Aviv, and loves to stroll around the cities to observe the local people, colors and architecture. “For production, I work with the same manufacturer that produces for the biggest fashion brands in Europe.” | Instagram: @inbarharari

Photo credit: Arne Grugel

About the Author: Manuela Shimberg is a Blogger at night and a Hi-Tech-er during the day. Originally from Berlin, Manuella moved to Tel Aviv three years ago, where she discovered her love for photography, urban street art, and writing. Documenting her life and thoughts of living in Tel Aviv in her blog, and Instagram page.


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