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by Telavivian | 15.05.17

Written by Lisa Geismar

iota_Multiplex17 (4)- Nelo Hagen

What do you get when you combine stellar design with the desire to be entrenched in a culture of social good? You get the Iota Project—a pioneering, creatively conscious textile company with a mission to design ‘beautiful handmade furniture and objects while creating jobs for unemployed women.’

The Tel Aviv-based company hopes to establish a global movement; one that uses quality craftsmanship and the ‘universal language of crochet’ to provide meaningful employment, empower local communities, and break down cultural barriers and lines of difference.

Iota’s movement is fueled by their remarkably fresh and contemporary collections—which are made from luxurious bespoke yarns in a variety of vibrant colors, textures, shapes and stitches. Not only do the hand-crocheted carpets, cushions and signature swings have a robust construction and a beautiful aesthetic; they also have unmistakable connections to background, memory, and identity by bearing the names of the women throughout the world who crocheted them.

Ronen Mangan (3)

Ronen Mangan (4)

Ronen Mangan (5)

Ronen Mangan (6)

Ronen Mangan (7)

Ronen Mangan (8)

Ronen Mangan (1)

Ronen Mangan (2)

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via tolila (5) | Facebook | Instagram: @iota.project

Photo Credits: Nelo Hagen, Ronen Mangan, Via Tolila


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