Kama /// Sail Song

by David Pearl | 07.04.13

The spring arrives bringing new possibilities and new music, and while the sun does its best to warm the air, the winds put forward a great effort to chill everything around.  But when the day comes and the refreshing wind has passed, all I need to do is push the play button and let the music be my wind.

Kama‘s music fits perfectly to replace the winds in these hot spring days. The debut album, called “Kama”, can carry you to those special places where imagination and childhood memories are combined. Each of the 8 songs feel like running carelessly and free in a big and green field full of hope and nostalgia.

The album was produced by Udi Naor (who also worked with “Sun Tailor”) and you can listen and buy the digital version HERE or look for the physical version that comes as a USB in a beautiful matchbox with lyrics and more.



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