Karma She

by Telavivian | 02.04.17

Written by Sharon Brand.

Israeli singer Karma She is recently killing it in the music industry. Why did she choose Karma She as her name? The singer’s real name is actually Carmel and Karma was always her nickname as a teen and she found a name that represented the creative feminine energy that will push her to grow.

Karma She’s unique gypsy style and spiritual thoughts led her to make music in a different way than other artists. She mixes rap with psychedelic hip-hop based and electronic pop, exotic and global sounds that make all of her songs different and exceptional. Karma She uses a very creative and visual performance platform that is inspired by religious symbols, mysticism and some punkiness.

If you’re curious and want to listen to Karma She’s songs, you can check out her latest, “Finger”, a song that is particularly meaningful for the artist. The song is dedicated to embracing the creative self and letting beauty flow freely, a motto in which she truly believes in.





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Photo credit: Ben Gal

Author Sharon Brand is currently studying communications at IDC Herziliya, and is the founder of


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