Kartel Tel Aviv

by Elinor Lazar | 02.06.16


Tel Aviv is welcoming Haifa’s highly celebrated Kartel for a pop-up spring vacation. Until the end of July, The Space, a cultural forum run by Les Group (consisting of the artists Itamar Even, Nir Kami Nave & Michael Alburquerque), opens its doors to let in the cultural vibe of Haifa City.



Known as a place with vibrant and flourishing underground culture, since its opening in 2014 the Kartel has attracted talents from all over the country and beyond. Next to the port in downtown Haifa City, an old hangar from the 70’s was transformed by the local street artist crews Ghosttown and Broken Fingaz. They created a platform for street artists, musicians and designers and managed to bring everything under one roof.

Together with Tel Avivian Roni Tal, founder and instructor of Skateyoga, Broken Fingaz and the rest of the Haifa crew had the idea to bring the Kartel to Tel Aviv: “Once the Fingaz saw The Space we knew in a cosmic way that this shit needs to happen.” Roni, who met the crew when she lived in Haifa as an 18-year-old, saw the opportunity to bring something new and special to the culture in Tel Aviv.

And the result speaks for itself. The former slaughterhouse that is located in the beautiful Kerem neighborhood next to the Shuk Ha’Carmel, got renovated by the street artists into an amazing artwork and yet again: a platform for music, art and culture.




Kartel Tel Aviv at The Space, Malan 43 Kerem Ha Teimanim.
Sun. – Thu. 18:00 – late, Fri. 11:00 – 17:00, Sat. 19:00 – late

Photos by David Havrony


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