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Created in 2009 by young artists and choreographers, the Kelim Choreography Center made its appearance with the hope to teach, research and create an ambiance and a connection between different dancers.

For Tel Avivians who enjoy dancing as a hobby, this center is full of experimentation, practice programs and dancing initiations; you will develop new movements and of course, beautiful choreography. Kelim has programs such as open workshops, reading groups and other artistic activities you will adore. For those who would rather watch than do, you can also purchase tickets on their websites and have a look at some incredible performances.

Dancing is more than your body moving—it’s an art and the Kelim Centre knows that. Written by Sharon Brand.

סליחה מארי 3

זורחות 3

Merav Dagan and Stav Marin by Uri Nevo

Merav Dagan and Stav Marin by Tamar Lamm

cie willi dorner - brussels - photo lisa rastl - copy

cie willi dorner - brussels - photo lisa rastl - copy


bodies in urban spaces_Alessandria

Bodies_Brighton03 small

because we love you

because we love you 4
because we kove you3

Kelim Choreography Center, Yitskhak Nafkha St 3, Bat Yam. |Facebook
Author Sharon Brand is studying communications at IDC Herziliya, and is the founder of

Photo credit: “Willi Dorner: Bodies in Urban Spaces” by Lisa Rastl.


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