Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company

by Elinor Lazar | 19.06.16

Imagine a stage of passion, emotions and perfection. Imagine a journey that takes you away and leaves you breathless. Imagine dance!

Horses in the Sky 001 - Photo Credit Eyal Hirsh

KCDC Black Full Logo (1)Since its foundation by Yehudit Arnon in 1973, the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company has developed to one of the leading dance companies of the world. Rami Be’er, former student and today’s artistic director of the KCDC, creates unique and dynamic choreographies that continue to be celebrated.

Horses in the Sky 008 - Photo Credit Eyal Hirsh

Founded on Kibbutz ideals, the home of the KCDC, the International Dance Village, is located in the north of Israel at Kibbutz Ga’aton. It is one reason for the sense of family between the dancers who live and train together in the Kibbutz. Throughout the year, the doors of the center for Israeli dance at its finest are open for visitors. Here, you can get a backstage-glimpse into the world of dance and have the chance to meet with dancers of the KCDC and Be’er himself.

Horses in the Sky 011 - Photo Credit Eyal Hirsh

This season the company is touring through Australia and Europe with Be’ers famous choreographies “If At All” (2012), “Lullaby For Bach” (2015), as well as his newest work “Horses In the Sky”,  which premiered at the Herzliya Performing Arts Center last month.

Horses in the Sky 006 - Photo Credit Eyal Hirsh

Horses in the Sky 003 - Photo Credit Eyal HirshPhotos: “Horses in the Sky”, Credits: Eyal Hirsch | Facebook
Be sure to check when KCDC will be coming to your town!


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