by Alison Roberts | 22.03.16

Knobbly 14k hex bars climber

Gittit Szwarc, founder of Knobbly Studio, has recently released her newest project: The Gold Shop, a line of fine gold jewelry. The initial collection, comprised of five earring styles, is minimalist and delicate. When asked about the pieces, Szwarc explains, “they are not classic fine jewelry pieces; rather they are light-hearted designs perfect for ‘stacking’ multiple piercings.”

Knobbly 14k mini calligraphic model crop

Szwarc’s ingenuity does not stop at her craft. Aside from her 14k gold creations, she has taken the bold move to launch the project using a direct-to-consumer model. Her decision to bypass distributors and wholesale retail means she is able to keep the collection’s prices accessible, allowing her to reach a wider audience.

Knobbly 14k puddle product 1

Knobbly 14k puddle product 3

It has been this combination of business savvy and creative talent that has made Knobbly successful in Tel Aviv and abroad. We can’t wait to see what Szwarc will think of next!

Knobbly Studio, Ruhama St. 16, Tel Aviv. | Facebook | Intstagram@knobbly_studio

Knobbly 14k calligraphic model

Knobbly 14k calligraphic climber

Knobbly 14k chips model 2

Knobbly 14k chips product

Photo credit: Aya Wind,


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